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Financial Support for Every Stage of Life

Every stage of life presents different financial challenges and opportunities. No matter what stage you’re in, I offer personalized education and guidance to help you maximize your finances and achieve your goals. Plan implementation, monitoring, and follow up are customized to your needs.


As a student you’re striking out on your own and focusing on the basics. But you have a long financial future, so it’s important to learn about personal finance and build good habits. At this stage I can help you with: 

  • Budgeting and saving during college and graduate school
  • Managing loans and credit cards
  • Maximizing savings programs 
  • Using student loans effectively and efficiently 
  • Taking the first steps towards long-term planning 


Young Professional

Finishing your education or starting your career? It’s an ideal time to establish a solid financial foundation. My services for young professionals include: 

  • Reviewing loan and other debt repayment options 
  • Designing and implementing savings plans
  • Taking the first steps toward retirement planning 
  • Assisting with the review and maximization of employee benefits including savings plans and group insurance 
  • Assisting with homebuying strategies
  • Creating a financial plan for a growing family 
  • Determining insurance needs including life and disability plans
  • Developing and reviewing investment portfolios


Growing Family 

Having children changes many facets of your life — including your finances. It’s an excellent time to design your family’s financial future and to proactively address issues that can arise during this busy time of life. At this stage I can help you with:

  • Analyzing insurance needs
  • Maximizing savings options 
  • Managing student debt
  • Planning for future education costs
  • Starting savings plans for your child(ren) 
  • Managing mortgage payments and planning for a move
  • Developing and reviewing investment portfolios



When you establish a new life with someone – whether it’s a first or second marriage – you also enter a new financial phase. And if you’re blending families and finances, it presents additional challenges. To minimize stressors, make sure you have a solid plan in place and anticipate financial hurdles. My services for married or engaged couples include: 

  • Designing financial account structures that work for you as a team
  • Creating family budgets 
  • Maximizing and consolidating retirement savings plans
  • Ensuring adequate savings plans and emergency funds
  • Reviewing insurance needs and opportunities for consolidation
  • Handling basic tax planning and review
  • Advising on real estate issues 
  • Reviewing and updating estate plans, investment portfolios, education savings accounts, and beneficiaries



Divorce creates a lot of chaos, but it also presents opportunities for financial empowerment. I can be your advocate and guide through divorce proceedings, ensuring a more successful financial future and easing some of the stressors inherent in the divorce process. My services include:

  • Providing financial education and training
  • Analyzing and defining assets 
  • Analyzing cash flow needs and budget development
  • Managing the tax consequences of a divorce settlement
  • Assisting with home sales and purchases
  • Reviewing and updating investment plans, estate plans, education savings plans, retirement plans, and beneficiaries
  • Analyzing insurance needs
  • Assisting with credit and debt management



Retirement is a process that, for many people, begins with a “pre-retirement phase” in their 50s. This life stage is a time for asset acquisition, consolidation, and analyzing retirement goals and needs. You also want to ensure you’re maximizing all available resources and tools to save for the future. At this stage I can help you with: 

  • Maximizing savings strategies
  • Reviewing and consolidating investment portfolios
  • Evaluating alternative savings tools 
  • Reviewing your emergency fund  
  • Analyzing and updating insurance needs 
  • Managing health care expenses
  • Reviewing and updating estate plans 
  • Addressing financial issues related to caring for elderly parents and adult children 


You made it! As you start retirement, it’s time to put all the tools you’ve acquired to work, use your finances wisely, and enjoy your freedom. I can help you with:

  • Analyzing and budgeting cash flow 
  • Paying off a mortgage
  • Developing downsizing strategies
  • Reviewing portfolios and estate plans
  • Developing distribution strategies from retirement accounts and pensions 
  • Using Social Security strategically
  • Managing health care expenses
  • Analyzing insurance and long-term care needs
  • Developing gifting strategies for families or charities
  • Addressing financial issues related to caring for elderly parents



The loss of a loved one can cause tremendous financial confusion and stress during a difficult emotional time. Even with an excellent estate plan in place, you’ll have paperwork to complete and new financial realities to address. During this challenging life stage, I can help you with: 

  • Understanding trusts and estate plans 
  • Working with investment managers, estate planners, and bankers to follow an estate plan and transition assets 
  • Developing new budgets, savings plans, and retirement plans
  • Creating smart strategies for using insurance funds and inheritances 
  • Updating financial accounts and assets


“As a hands-on mom and small business owner trying to juggle it all while worrying about aging family members and my own future, I can relate to the common challenges clients face.”​

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