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Young career. Later career. New parent. Retiree. Divorced. Widowed. Student. No matter    your stage in life, you have expenses to cover, risks to avoid, and goals to achieve.  

A strategic financial plan helps you take fuller advantage of life’s opportunities and overcome its challenges more easily. I'm Jocelyn Black, and I’ll help you clarify and prioritize your current needs and future goals, identify what financial tools make sense to utilize while minimizing cost, risk and taxes, and then together, we'll implement a personalized, comprehensive financial plan supported by extensive analysis, research and realistic projections.

As a registered investment adviser representative, I abide by a fiduciary responsibility to only make recommendations that I believe are in my clients' best interests.  I don’t accept or pay referral fees, or answer to a particular financial corporation. My services are offered for a flat-fee or asset-based fee with everything disclosed upfront and no catch.


 Choose A Plan That Fits Your Needs

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Monthly seminars, webinars and workshops, customized financial wellness programs, and education-focused planning. 

Holistic, personalized, goals-based financial planning for all stages of life.


Plan implementation and accountability, regular plan reviews and ongoing support to ensure your financial progress over time.

“I am dedicated to providing a refreshingly different financial planning experience.”​




I want a comprehensive, customized financial roadmap and action plan.


I'm looking for specific  financial guidance or education for my  employees or members.


I prefer to be hands-off with my investing and want it done for me.


I want ongoing support and guidance without worrying about time spent.

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