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Student. Young professional. New family. Retiree. Divorced or widowed. No matter what your stage in life, you’re always growing and changing. So are your financial needs. 

A strategic financial plan helps you maximize life’s opportunities and overcome its challenges more easily. I'm Jocelyn Hodes, and I’ll help you learn about your options, then create a comprehensive, customized financial plan that helps you grow toward your goals.

As a fee-only financial planner, I work independently and in a fiduciary capacity. I don’t accept commissions or sell products or services, so I can advise you free of conflicts. My fees are based on an hourly or flat-fee schedule with flexible payment options, whether you need a complete financial plan, professional support over the long term, or you just want answers to a few financial questions.


 Choose A Plan That Fits Your Needs

Financial clarity, without the fog of hidden fees, minimums and motives.​

Financial education for individuals and customized programs for employers and organizations.

Comprehensive, personalized, goal-based financial planning for all stages of life.


Plan implementation assistance, ongoing plan reviews, and support during challenging times to ensure your financial growth over time.

“I am dedicated to providing a refreshingly different and unique financial planning experience.”​




I need a detailed, comprehensive financial roadmap and action plan.


I'm looking for basic financial planning guidance.

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I want a customized financial wellness solution for my employers or members.


I want intensive, ongoing support for myself or family.

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Learn. Plan. Grow.